Borrow Materials

As a member of MAIN, Morris Automated Information Network, Boonton-Holmes Library cardholders enjoy access to all the collections in the 38 member libraries in the consortium.  Combined, these collections amount to 2.8 million items including eBooks, eAudiobooks, Blu-rays, DVDs, music, museum passes, videogames, and of course, books.

Boonton-Holmes Library cardholders may also enroll in the NJ Open Borrowing program, which enables MAIN library patrons to borrow materials from all other libraries outside of MAIN participating in Open Borrowing.  An Open Borrowing sticker may be obtained at the circulation desk.

Items that are not available in any of the New Jersey libraries may be obtained from libraries all over the USA through JerseyCat.  Please contact library assistant, Liz Bonsiewich, for assistance.